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Introducing PredCo- Your Partner for Proactive Equipment Maintenance

Elevating Maintenance Strategies with AI-powered Solutions

Aiming for better transformation

At PredCo we are on a mission to revolutionise industrial operations by leveraging advanced AI technologies to predict, prevent, and optimise equipment maintenance, ensuring peak performance and reliability for our clients.

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Envisioning a Sustainable Future

Our vision at PredCo is to be the global leader in predictive maintenance solutions, empowering industries worldwide to achieve unparalleled operational excellence through innovation, reliability, and sustainability.

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Discover How PredCo is Helping Industries Optimise Asset Management

Predictive Maintenance

Enhance operational efficiency with PredCo's advanced predictive maintenance solutions through proactive equipment health monitoring.

Digital Twin

Valuable insights into asset behaviour and reliable operations with PredCo's digital twin technology.


Secured asset movements and optimised resource management with PredCo's advanced geofencing technology.

Inventory Management

Streamlined supply chain and optimised inventory processes with PredCo's smart inventory management.