Take a look at advanced Geofencing technology

Geofencing employs digital boundaries around physical locations, facilitating real-time asset tracking and precise movement monitoring.
Leverage the Geofencing technology to

    Optimise fleet management with continuous asset monitoring
    Enhance security by implementing geofences to monitor restricted areas
    Streamline operational workflows by automating tasks based on location data

    Define Your Zones And Secure Your Asset

    Take control of your spatial boundaries with PredCo's cutting-edge Geofencing technology

    Customisable Geofences

    Create personalised geofences tailored to your specific locations, ensuring precise monitoring and control over asset movements. Configure custom alerts on geofenced regions, empowering timely intervention.

    Seamless Asset Management

    Track asset locations and movements in real-time, receiving instant notifications on movement patterns along with comprehensive analytics and reports, enabling process optimisation.

    Secure Your Operations

    Utilise geofencing to prevent unauthorised access into your specific zones, safeguarding assets from theft or misuse while ensuring regulatory compliance by enforcing safety zones and adherence to established protocols.

    Optimise Your Operations
    With Smarter Solutions

    Increase productivity by up to 30%

    Optimise asset transportation by up to 40%

    Reduce unwanted expenses by up to 30%

    Join us to shape industrial resilience.

    Partner with us for a smarter, more resilient industrial future. Let's innovate together for sustainable growth and success.