Inventory Management

Where Does Inventory Management Fall Short?

Inadequate inventory management leads to overstock pileups, inventory shrinkages and stockouts.
Use smart inventory management to

    Prevent workflow disruption caused due to inventory shrinkages
    Monitor stock levels in real-time for streamlined processes
    Optimise overall inventory turnover for cost savings

    Revolutionise Your Stockroom with PredCo's Smart Inventory Management

    Precision Stock Monitoring

    Integrate RFID for automated inventory tracking and 24X7 computer vision for continuous stock level oversight, ensuring efficiency in stock counting and replenishment processes and maintaining precision down to the minute.

    Streamline Inventory Management

    Ensure comprehensive visibility by monitoring inventory levels and movements in real-time and receiving instant alerts and notifications for low stock levels, enabling accurate stock information and preventing stockouts.

    Empower Your Operations

    Embrace Sustainability by lowering your carbon footprint by minimising unnecessary production and optimising stock levels through efficient logistics while also ensuring regulatory compliance through a comprehensive audit trail of inventory transactions.

    Maximise Efficiency of Your Inventory

    Increase Inventory Turnover by up to 30%

    Reduce unwanted stockouts by up to 50%

    Reduce Inventory Shrinkage by up to 40%

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